Friday, March 18, 2011

blast to the past: egg in a basket. So easy, it doesn't even deserve its own post! hah!

I can explain.... I totally can explain for my unacceptable absence over the past couple of days...

Okay now I've got you expecting some extremely compelling reason for my not blogging yum yums your way, but the truth is: I've been busy. And I don't mean busy-just ignoring my lovely followers, or busy-I'd rather eat out (even though I have been eating out lately)

I mean busy:
1) It's Spring Break of my last semester as a college student
2) I've been clumsily navigating the realm of hand bookbinding to build my design portfolio (which I have been freaking out about, by the way)
3) I've been spending some much needed time with my family
4) I've been [trying] to work on the remaining portfolio pieces for my design portfolio (which need A LOT of love people... a lot)

So there is my list of excuses. Take 'em or leave 'em, but I've got yummies.

When I took these photos while making my egg in a basket, I laughed at myself a bit.
"Egg in a basket!" I said, "who doesn't know how to make an egg in a basket?!" But then I remembered, a few years ago, I'd gotten into the habit of eating an egg in a basket every morning. One morning, a friend was at my apartment and sat quietly as I prepared my breakfast. When I asked her if she'd like an egg in a basket, she simply stared at me and replied, "I'm sorry, a what?" An egg-in-a-basket-euphoria ensued as my friend enjoyed her first sample of my simple childhood breakfast. My dad would make these with my sister and me on special mornings when we were kids, and we'd go NUTS about it. So, in case you are one of those who has never had the pleasure of enjoying a simple, delicious, egg in a basket, here's how you make it:

Egg in a Basket
You'll need:
1 Slice of bread (I used sourdough but you can use any kind you like!)
1 egg
small tab of butter

Put a frying pan onto the stove over medium/high heat. Add the butter to the pan and allow it to melt. In the meantime, you need to prepare your basket.

Take a cup (or a biscuit cutter, or a cookie cutter...) and press it firmly into the center of your slice o bread. Twist it round a bit, then remove the inner circle.

Then, simply put the bread and little bread circle (I call it the baby-bread) onto the pan. Then, crack the egg right into the awaiting basket. Let the egg cook for a bit and then turn the heat down to medium or even medium low. The more I use eggs, the more I find that in most situations, you shouldn't rush them. Every time I get impatient with my eggs something goes wrong...

Anyways, allow the egg to cook until you can see that it has formed a solid layer of cooked eggwhites on the bottom side. Now is the perfect time to add salt and pepper. Take a spatula and flip it over!

Horrah! When the egg is cooked to your satisfaction (I like mine a teeny bit runny on the inside, but Brian likes his egg cooked all the way through tip: for those of you who like the egg cooked all the way through, try using a knife or fork to break the yolk before you flip it. This will allow the egg to cook more evenly, and you won't have burnt bread waiting for your egg to cook through!) remove it from the pan, put it on a plate, and put it in your mouth. I like mine with ketchup.

Foodie foodie!


Amanda said...

Ah I love these too! I used to love having these too when I was younger. I love how everyone seems to have different names for it. I used to call it a "cat in the hat" which now makes no sense to me now. I like "egg in a basket," it makes sense.

Elise said...

how funny! Brian (my boyfriend) was telling me that when he used to make them in boy scouts they called them "hieroglyphs"! He said he wasn't exactly sure why, but he suspected because they always made them over an open fire on a pan so they'd get all messy and they'd look like a hieroglyph.

Amanda said...

okay, hieroglyphs definitely is the weirdest name i've ever heard for them!