Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fear not!

Hey foodie foodies!
I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, I know you must have been dying without me.
I've been in the whirlwind that I like to call "Oh-my-God-it's-Thanksgiving-break-so-no-school-now-I'm-gonna-be-so-lazy."

I hope you forgive me.
There is, however, a little Thanksgiving post to look forward to.
Hang in there yum-lovers!

My mother has sent me on the epic quest for a turkey recipe that does not include a brine and can be made in the oven. Any suggestions?

and, oh, happy Thanksgiving!


Ryan Sanders said...

Wow, I am coming to this post a bit late! The real answer to this riddle is that there IS no epic turkey that isn't brined. The brine is the only way to save a decently dense chunk of poultry from being overcooked on the outside and food-safe on the inside. It will be interesting to see what solution you and the moms came up with, but I hope it was "we can just brine the turkey starting the morning of and then pull it out of the brine and pop it in the oven." Here's hoping :)

Elise said...

haha well, my mother stuck to her word. Lucky for us, my father was allowed to brine HIS turkey... Very unjust if you ask me... but my mother is very salt-conscious so she said "NO! brining is so salty.. Lisa.. you do it without the brine!!!!" It ended up okay though :) Surprisingly not as dry as I feared. I'd even venture to say not dry at all! YAY!!