Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project: Egg Sandwich

I am proclaiming a project!
If you read the List of 2011 post, you'll know that #4 on this list was to create the hypothetical menu for my extremely hypothetical dream-restaurant, called Egg Sandwich.

In another life, if I had strayed from design, I would have levitated toward a career in food (big surprise). So, in an effort to build my design portfolio, I proclaim that I will design the menu to Egg Sandwich! (Though, as a disclaimer, I must tell you that I am a terribly busy person, and will definitely abandon this project if another equally or more demanding project comes up. You have been warned.)

First thing's first. I need a menu. Though in the past I have been known for my legendarily delicious egg sandwiches, I certainly have not made up enough to make an entire menu! This is where you come in: if you do so fancy, I'd LOVE to hear any suggestions for menu items to be listed on Egg Sandwich's menu. It can be anything, from specialty egg sandwiches to drinks or even desserts. Anything goes. Hop to! Help a girl out, drop a menu-item-comment @ the bottom of this post.

Foodie foodie!


Anonymous said...

egg sandwiches? crepes? omelets? mmmm i would eat there!

Momma said...

Pulled pork with a poached egg on top!

Five to Nine Foodie said...

brunch time -

croque monsieur....but the top half of the sandwich is made of an "egg in the hole" toast like we used to make when we were little.


Amanda said...

Anything with a poached egg on top! I'm obsessed with anything and everything with a poached egg. Benedicts of all kinds!

Oh and just want to say hi, glad there's other chico food bloggers out there!