Monday, January 17, 2011

The List

As I've been chowing down on tapioca pudding for the past six days, I've got to thinking about all of the things I'd love to do once I can eat regular food again. Then I got to thinking about things in general that I've never done... and I suddenly realized. I, like many other people, made a new years resolution to have a healthy diet... but how boring!

 SO, I've compiled a list of things I'd like to do this year (most of which involve food, of course!)

The List of 2011

1) Eat a bacon donut at Dynamo Donut & Coffee in San Francisco.
(hey! eating healthy is great, but a girl's gotta indulge once in a while...)

2) Explore the world of breads with yeast- specifically, make brioche buns.

3) Have flowers delivered to me.
(okay, not food related.. but I've always wanted someone to send me flowers!)

4) Design the hypothetical menu for my extremely hypothetical dream-restaurant,
named Egg Sandwich.
More on that later...

5) Eat at The Slanted Door in San Francisco.

6) Purchase my own equipment for Turkish coffee.

7) Switch entirely to a sustainable travel coffee mug and water bottle.
(aka no paper cups from coffee shops and no more plastic water bottles)

8) Find a favorite girly-cocktail.
As much as I like the idea of a cosmo, I really don't like the taste. 

9) Saber open a bottle of champagne

10) Acquire a KitchenAid stand mixer.
High priority.

So, there it is. I'll do my best to post about it if/when I achieve these goals on the list :) 

I'd love to hear your goals/lists. Better yet, have any suggestions to add to my list? I'm sure I'll add on my own throughout the year... but I'd love to hear from you! drop a comment @ the bottom of the post

foodie foodie!


Ryan said...

I would like to see the Yum Foodie Foodie version of homemade pizza!

Elise said...

any pizza of mine could never live up to your level of pizza amazingness!