Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth/12 Healthy Eating Habits

Well hello lovelies.
I seriously hope that you do not resent my absence... but this time I actually have a good excuse!

I have been enjoying absurd amounts of Vicadin due to the fact that I recently had my four pesky wisdom teeth ripped from my skull.

SO, don't let yourselves think I'm off enjoying delicious yum foodie foodie without telling y'all about it-- the truth is that I'm home with an aching jaw and WAY too much jello and apple sauce...

Can't wait to sink my teeth into something crunchy...

I promise I'll post as soon as I am able to!

BUT just because I cannot enjoy all those num nummies in the world, I would LOVE to hear about your recent food adventures! Drop a comment & leave some love <3

On another note, I was browsing the web and found a sweet little article about healthy eating. So often the thought of having a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle seems daunting and intimidating... so I really appreciate it when I find simple tips that don't feel like you're turning your world upside-down to be healthy. This little article came from Cooking Light's website- they assign one simple goal for every month of the year to help combat over-ambitious new years resolutions... take a look! I found it simple and refreshing. 

foodie foodie!

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MommaC said...

Love reading your blogs. Keep it up. A KitchenAid? hmmmm. Sounds like a good present for the future. I will keep it in mind.