Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simple things

Sometimes, I just like the simple things. Especially when my schedule has been so hectic lately!  Juggling a lot of different responsibilities in school, work, and home sometimes doesn't leave a lot of time to cook up amazing new foods. So, sometimes, all I want is a day of simplicity, like yesterday.

Brian and I were in desperate need of sunshine, so we hopped on our bikes and went on a nice ride in Chico's beautful Bidwell Park.

(Anthony Dunn Photography)

I'd never been bike riding in the park, despite the fact that I have now lived in Chico for four years... and riding bikes in Bidwell Park is a fairly common weekend activity. Well- since I'd never been.... and I have a certifiably awful sense of direction... we got lost.... and our short, 15-minute bike ride turned into a six mile trek. Hah! No biggie, I needed the exercise. And something lovely awaited us at the end!

Earlier that day, we'd stopped by the grocery store and spotted those little mini seedless watermelons on sale. So, before we got on our bikes, I used a small knife to cut into the top of the watermelon, similar to how you'd remove the top of a pumpkin. We packed a spoon and ta-da! Perfect mini-watermelon-snack for two. People at the park gave our little watermelon so many why-haven't-I-thought-of-eating-it-like-that-looks that I felt quite proud of myself....
I know. I'm a dork. But sometimes it is all about the simple things!
What's left of our mini watermelon is chilling in our fridge.... and once we finish it up, I'll most likely make a watermelon-o-lantern with it. :)

foodie foodie!

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