Thursday, December 9, 2010

whoah brownies!

So, we're coming pretty close to final exam time here at Chico State, a time when students guzzle energy drinks, stay up all night, eat junk food due to lack of time (or energy) to cook, AND endure copious amounts of stressss. Yes. Stress.

And what do some of us do when we're stressed?


Yup, it's true. Sad as it is, the more stressed out we get, the more spherical we become. And that on its own is enough to stress about!
I always try to discourage myself from stress-eating, and if I do feel the ever seductive call of "eaaatt meeee!!!" from some sweet treat during times of duress, I do my best to keep it healthy...which leads to my latest solution and newest review:

Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Fat Free Brownie Mix:
A fat free brownie that's light in calories and light on guilt? Can it be?!
Well foodie foodies, yes. Yes it can.
I love this product because it requires virtually NO prep time and very few ingredients. What you see in the above picture is literally all you need! The box of brownie mix, one 6 oz. container of fat free vanilla yogurt, a bowl/spatula to mix it up, and an 8x8" baking pan! Really easy guys...

You just combine the brownie mix with the yogurt and mix it... 

from looking like this...
to looking like this!

Horrah! Now, pour that into the baking dish, (I sprayed a little non-stick baking spray before... just for good measure) stick it into your oven at 350ยบ, and endure the directed baking time (I can't remember how long mine took... just look on the box!) and ta da!
My rating for this delectable morsel? 8.75 out of 10. Why is that? Well, I couldn't bring myself to give it a 9... though I may change my mind later. Though this brownie is amazingly chocolate-y and satisfying, it does have a bit of a chewy texture for a brownie... and I normally prefer my fresh baked brownies to be a bit softer. But other than that, they're amaaaaazing
So, cut yourself a brownie and enjoy! I gave Brian a scoop of ice cream on top of his... and I may or may not have put a teensy bit on my brownie too :) Hey, it was really satisfying... and when you're craving something chocolaty and amazing- nothing short of really satisfying will do! 

Foodie Foodie!

the wreckage...

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